Monday, April 14, 2014

A Plain Love Song by Kelly Irvin is a tender story of love, hope and forgiveness.

Adah is a young Amish girl who has the gift of song writing and singing and continues to struggles to do what is right by her faith, family, and community. Her heart is at odds with all of those around her, calling her to live out a passion in a world of different promise.
How difficult it is to be drawn to a life outside of those we love and those whose collective pressure rejects. At times in life, many of us experience similar struggles as Adah does, at times wondering why God put the yearning in us if it is only to be denied. Are these tests of faith? Does God use us as examples of strength for His work?

Like Adah, in one form or another, all of us are dealt this dilemma. In the end, we must choose and accept the consequences of that lonely road, either to satisfy our own desires or those of others. The writer does a wonderful job of bringing us to this crossroads and gives us glimpses that God's desires are always at play.
A Plain Love Song shows us the lessons from such decisions and the blessings of love that help us find our true course. 
I very much enjoyed this story, and enjoyed Adah find her clear path that God had for her. Ms. Irvin did an admirable job of bringing the characters alive. A warm story to be read by all.
I received a free copy of this book through NetGalley for my honest review.

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