Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Huckleyberry Summer by Jennifer Beckstand

Aden Helmuth has always had the best intentions to help and do what is right, but he finds himself caught up with the law and the decision was made that Aden would move to Huckelberry, WI to live with his grandparents what Aden didn’t expect was his grandmother to play matchmaker.

Aden’s grandmother Annie Helmuth knew just who would be the perfect match for him a young sweet girl named Lily Eicher. However, Lily’s father had his sights on Lily marrying another young Amish man the Bishops son.  How does Lily being a sweet and cautious daughter stand up to her father and tell him that the young man he has already passed judgment on is the one she loves she has never disobeyed her father and always look to him for his wisdom.

There are many cases when we find ourselves as Lily’s father did and are quick to judge others before really getting to know each other.  What if we realized we are all flawed we’re not perfect but those flaws and imperfections are the reason we were hand pick to bring glory to the Lord.

This was a pleasurable read by Jennifer Beckstand. It has all the qualities of love, suspense and lessons that we are all in need of. I look forward to reading Huckleberry Christmas which is the third book in this series.

I received an advance copy of the this book for my honest review.


  1. I loved this book too, you can read my review at http://amishreader.blogspot.com/2014/04/book-review-of-huckleberry-summer-by.html. I love your website and will be back frequently!

  2. Thanks Gloria for the kind words. I enjoyed your review too on the book. Blessings to you.