Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Sweet Story

Child of Mine by David and Beverly Lewis

Child of mine is a sweet and tender story of love, family and faith.

It begins when Jack Livingston has been given custody of his 9 year old niece Natalie, after a tragic accident claims the lives of Natalie’s parents.  Jack soon realizes that Natalie is in need of a mother in her life knowing that there is no future for him and Laura. The young Amish lady who has been taking care of Natalie and the house while Jack has to travel for work.

Jack wasn’t sure who or how to begin dating, but when he crossed paths with Kelly a young lady who has been searching for her child he knows that there is something about her that he found interesting and wanted to get to know more of.  Jack had no idea that Kelly has been searching for her daughter that had been taken from her about 8 years ago and she believes that Natalie could be her daughter.

I adored reading this book and fell in love with Natalie, her sparky personality and the way she speaks the truth will just tug at your heart.

Thank you David and Beverly Lewis for writing this book and bringing the characters to life. Truly a wonderful writing duel and I would recommend this book to all readers and look forward for what God has in store for the both of you in your writings.

I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.

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