Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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           In a beautifully written story by Kelly Irvine about faith, patience and God’s timing, she’s able to yet again capture our hearts.

 Following the death of her father, Leila, moves with her mother who has recently remarried and is headed to Bee County Texas to start a new journey. Though she’s happy for her mother, Leila begins to worry if she,  herself will ever find love .

         When Leila goes to a store in town, she meets Jesse Glick, the son of the Bishop, and the owner of the store. Their first meeting has Leila mesmerized. Though Jesse warned her not too, and his cousin advised Leila to be cautious, she can’t help it, she’s already fallen for him.

            Unbeknownst to Leila, Jesse is attempting to deal with his own internal struggles, and doesn’t want to hurt her. He’s decided against being baptized in the Amish faith, this is something, he won’t be able to keep from his father much longer.
Knowing this, Will, Jesse’s cousin, who has had feelings for Leila decides it’s a perfect time to make a move on her, which has her confused and questioning her feelings for Jesse and Will.
Much like Leila and Jesse, I’m sure we’ve all had situations in our life where we felt conflicted, and were unsure of what to do. It is in these times, we must stay in prayer, and have faith in God’s perfect timing, for He already knows the outcome, we just have to trust in Him to get us there. 

I just loved this story and know you will too.This would make a great gift for anyone of all ages. I received free copy of this book from Net Galley for my honest review.
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

What a delightful read The Lopsided Cake is. 

After their grandparents pass, twin sisters Elma and Thelma move to take over the store they’ve inherited. Anxious to start this new challenge, the sisters are also hopeful they may meet their future husbands here.
However, once they began work at the store, they were overwhelmed with the responsibility they had inherited. When they weren’t at the store the sisters were trying to keep up with all of the housework, which left them little time to relax. They soon began to fear they would never have time to get out and meet the other members of their new community  
            Elma and Thelma decided they needed to make time to become a part of their community, so the sisters entered a local cooking show to help raise money for the community. In honor of their grandparents, they made their beloved grandma’s cake that she would always bake for them. The sisters hope this is the event they need to get to know the people in town.
            Is this where the sisters will meet their future husbands? You won’t want to miss what happens!

            This refreshingly light and comical story has been a pleasure to read. Each page kept me hooked and impressed me with the writing styles of Wanda and Jean Brunstetter. I hope to seem more writings from this talented duo!

I was received this book from Barbour Publishing for my honest review in which I have given.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Christmas Cradle

The Christmas Cradle
Charlotte Hubbard

For Lena Esh, life has become complicated. She is unwed and expecting her first child with Josiah Witmar, whom she fears is only concerned for his own future.

In hopes for a stronger relationship with Josiah, Lena goes against her parent’s wishes, and leaves with him to a new area called Higher Ground. The plans they made have take an unexpected turn, when they find themselves caught in a snowstorm. Seeking shelter, they wind up on the doorstep of Ben and Miriam Hooley, who live in the small town of Willow Ridge.

After offering relief from the storm, Ben and Miriam begin to learn about the young couple and the struggles their relationship is facing with the upcoming baby and how they will provide for it. They are eager to help the struggling couple, however, they grow concerned when they learn Josiah plans to work for Hiram Knepp, an ex-bishop from the Willow Ridge community.   

The decision to have a child, and move to a new town against the advice of their families only further complicates the issues this young couple faces. Each decision the couple makes only seems to further derail them and they have hard time getting back on track.

Why do we insist on doing things our own way, even when the advice we are given warns us of the consequences of our actions? When we make decisions on our own, out of fear or worry, we may not get the outcome we desire, and we often impose difficulty on those who have only supported us.

To be in God’s will it means to let Him guide us when we aren’t sure which way to go. In walking in alignment with Him, we know we are staying on track and the decisions we make are not ill guided but part of a plan that He already has in place! In doing so, we let Him lead us to true happiness and peace.

I continue to enjoy the writings of Charlotte Hubbard and look forward to reading her books in the future. I would recommend this book for all ages. It will also make a wonderful gift.

I have received a copy of this book for my honest review, which I have given.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Harvest of Blessings is the 5th book in the Season of the Heart Series.

When prodigal daughter Nora Glick Landwehr returns home to her small town of Willow Ridge,  she has the best intention to help her community, however with her flashy red car and her English ways, Nora knew acceptance and forgiveness that she was seeking was going to be difficult from the community, especially her father.

Harvest of Blessings is a wonderful Amish story of how we are all called to forgive, and Charlotte Hubbard has done an extraordinary job of showing us that it is with the grace of God we can forgive those who have hurt us.

This story has helped me understand the importance of forgiving others that have wronged me or a member of my family. My hope is that when you read this story you will be moved to forgive someone in your life.

I received a freed copy of this book for my honest review. Thank you for this opportunity. 

To learn more about the author please visit her web site

Monday, January 19, 2015

An Amish Cradle Review

An Amish Cradle publication date is set for February 10, 2015 and is written by some of the best Amish Fiction authors that I have read.  Beth Weisman, Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller and Vanneta Chapman have produced yet another wonderful story.

I enjoy the writings of these ladies and how each author tells a story that brings their own unique characters to life to which we can all relate.

An Amish Cradle is full of warm stories of precious moments reminiscent of when we became parents, whether for the first, second, or more times. This book tugs at the heart of every parent and shares with us the lessons of love woven into the bonds between parent and child.

This piece masterfully places us in a walk with characters forced to confront the fraternal fears and haunts that we all share. I found myself meeting generous people who, through ordinary means, set extraordinary examples of faith and the rewards of submitting to God's Will to persevere in any challenge.

I strongly recommend An Amish Cradle and found it to be a must purchase for the library of adult readers.

I received this book for my honest review which I have given.

Monday, January 5, 2015

An Amish Second Christmas, Beth Wiseman
Grab your cup of tea and a blanket. You will love An Amish Second Christmas.

This book has several different stories written by some wonderful authors. Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Tricia Goyer, and Vannetta Chapman. Each story, is a story of love, hope, faith and family and will clearly capture your heart. 

I enjoyed this unique way of being introduced  to several different authors and writing styles.  Even though I know of these authors, I haven't had the privilege of reading each author 's style and this book has allowed me to do just that. 

I would recommend this book for young adults to adults. This would also make a wonderful gift anytime of the year.

I received a free copy of this book for my honest review.