Sunday, October 25, 2015

What a delightful read The Lopsided Cake is. 

After their grandparents pass, twin sisters Elma and Thelma move to take over the store they’ve inherited. Anxious to start this new challenge, the sisters are also hopeful they may meet their future husbands here.
However, once they began work at the store, they were overwhelmed with the responsibility they had inherited. When they weren’t at the store the sisters were trying to keep up with all of the housework, which left them little time to relax. They soon began to fear they would never have time to get out and meet the other members of their new community  
            Elma and Thelma decided they needed to make time to become a part of their community, so the sisters entered a local cooking show to help raise money for the community. In honor of their grandparents, they made their beloved grandma’s cake that she would always bake for them. The sisters hope this is the event they need to get to know the people in town.
            Is this where the sisters will meet their future husbands? You won’t want to miss what happens!

            This refreshingly light and comical story has been a pleasure to read. Each page kept me hooked and impressed me with the writing styles of Wanda and Jean Brunstetter. I hope to seem more writings from this talented duo!

I was received this book from Barbour Publishing for my honest review in which I have given.


  1. that was a really funny and great book.

  2. This book looks interesting! I need to add this to my Christmas wish list. =-)

  3. Patti you will love it! Let me know if you get a chance to read it.