Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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           In a beautifully written story by Kelly Irvine about faith, patience and God’s timing, she’s able to yet again capture our hearts.

 Following the death of her father, Leila, moves with her mother who has recently remarried and is headed to Bee County Texas to start a new journey. Though she’s happy for her mother, Leila begins to worry if she,  herself will ever find love .

         When Leila goes to a store in town, she meets Jesse Glick, the son of the Bishop, and the owner of the store. Their first meeting has Leila mesmerized. Though Jesse warned her not too, and his cousin advised Leila to be cautious, she can’t help it, she’s already fallen for him.

            Unbeknownst to Leila, Jesse is attempting to deal with his own internal struggles, and doesn’t want to hurt her. He’s decided against being baptized in the Amish faith, this is something, he won’t be able to keep from his father much longer.
Knowing this, Will, Jesse’s cousin, who has had feelings for Leila decides it’s a perfect time to make a move on her, which has her confused and questioning her feelings for Jesse and Will.
Much like Leila and Jesse, I’m sure we’ve all had situations in our life where we felt conflicted, and were unsure of what to do. It is in these times, we must stay in prayer, and have faith in God’s perfect timing, for He already knows the outcome, we just have to trust in Him to get us there. 

I just loved this story and know you will too.This would make a great gift for anyone of all ages. I received free copy of this book from Net Galley for my honest review.
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