Saturday, July 29, 2017

Summer Reading Bucket List.

Have you every made a bucket list of things that you would like to do? Well, this summer I have and here is what I came up with. What a better way is there to spend time during those hot summer days then with a book(s) from some of you favorite authors. As I thought about what type of books I like to read, I noticed that that must be inspirational. I want to read books that will inspire, be lifting, and to move me. I want a story that will let me just fall in love with he characters and hope to have learn how to be a better person or even maybe realize many people all over want the same thing.

As I have went through new books that have and will be released I made a list of the following books and I am happy to say I have made the time to read some of these books.

An Amish Summer by Amy Clipston  is on my list. Have you read her books? Well, I have and I have to say she will capture your heart quick with each story she has written. The cover of this book alone captures your interest.

My other books are Weddings a Promise Lodge by Charlotte Hubbard. This is a must read. I have read all the other books in this series and feel like their family to me.

The Blessings by Wanda Brunstetter. If you know Wanda and have read her Quilting Cluv books then you will love this book! Not to mention Wanda always has a way of bringing the story full circle and giving glory to God.

My last book called The Daniel Plan which is scriptural based on eating the right foods. I'm
Motivated to read this books because of many sensitivity I have to food caused from Lyme disease. No matter what books you put on your bucket list enjoy each of them on these lazy days of summer. All these books can be found on Amazon for purchase or your local retailers.

I encourage you all to make that bucket list have fun with it and enjoy the books that will take you away and inspire you.

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